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TDI 200 Steering Wheel nut torque setting.

Hello, can anyone tell me the torque setting for the steering wheel nut please? I think it's 35nm, does that sound right? Thanks, in advance..
Hi I'm John retired and living in the North East of England. I own a classic Range Rover under restoration a 1996 P38 v8 and have just bought a 2003 Discovery 2 Metropolice v8/Lpg. My son(ex land rover mechanic and auto electrician) helps keep them on the road and runs a 2008 Disco 3 tdv6. We have also owned three other Range Rovers and a disco 1v8/Lpg. What started all this was my first 3 door v8 R. Rover in the 80'
Hi I am restoring a 1970 LWB series 2A diesel. I am missing the 3 bolts for the starter motor. Does anyone know which bolts I should buy?
Hi - Did you ever get your S3 gearbox working correctly? I have just finished my 76 resto and didn't really do anything to the gearbox other than fit new bearings and seals. It makes horrid noises and jumps out of first. I'd be interested in buying new innards for it, but don't really know what's knackered and what's not.