I would just like to say

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When I was a lad my dad was a park ranger, I used to run up & down the wolf enclosure fence with a stick against the fence
& they use to run with me haha it was superb I loved going there. It was double fenced but we used to walk in the middle
so I get close to them. Great memorys. :cool: :cool:
Now why did i think you had grown up in the Gorbals?
Must have got me wires crossed!:stars:
I'll get the pics off my phone so you can see the lay out, think its about 30ft not checked it. Has a bed,cooker,fridge
toilet/shower ect tis an American boat so like a sports cruiser with massive power lol
Lovely, looking forward to them.
We could get one like it for the frog canals, then take the engines out, flog em and pop in a BMC B series diesel. to go put-putting along!! That's if it has a bit of "dining outside" space!;);)
... the Dining Room is all back together again. :D
More like talking to their next meal.had one watching me for an hour 2yrs ago was doing gardening every time I moved closer to him he would move the same distance away from me it was a unforgettable moment he seemed to want to make contact but was unsure his eyes never moved from me
They got domesticated somehow ...
Car more or less packed now and finally the sun comes out.
W's new doc's practice managed to completely flip up her holiday prescription.
One set of meds from the "controlled cupboard" he'll only prescribe a month's worth, :mad:
She has two strengths of that, he only prescribed the one.
He also totally forgot the steroids for the nasal spray she uses to keep her sinusitis at bay.
What a TOTAL plank. She ordered this lot 2 weeks ago.
She'll be OK on the controlled drugs as she has a bit of a stash just in case this happened but the other will mean a trip to a Frog doc and persuading him to prescribe them. Plus of course having to pay for both the consultation and the prescription drugs.