I would just like to say

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My man phoned some lady up at a Dulux colour Match central site and said can I have the colour-mix for "Moonlight" Vinyl Matt?
He wrote down the numbers she gave him and added the various colours to a 5L pot of bland brilliant White Vinyl Matt and "bingo". :D
It is so nice to hear that some people can put themselves just that little bit further out to help people like yourself out. You must have been well chuffed! :):):)
I think TomTom are treating us all as April Fools.
I am trying to update mine before going away.
After messing about for ages on their website and discovering that I have to log on "using my device" it now says it is "Syncing" .
I put nearly no info on it that needs to be "synced" so I think it has synced without trace.
Or that they want me to buy what I have already bought, i.e. 4 free updates a year for the life of the device.
One time it just shut my device off saying "we are very busy log on later". Now it is just "Syncing".
I suppose I'll just have to leave it doing that for ages, mebbe overnight.

The local advertiser said loch Lomond has a new project of releasing wolves on the shores & working on a breading
program as they done with beavers 🤣 🤣 I was howling when I read it. 🤣🤣
Squirrel activity has been good over the last few weeks. The one eye see at the bottom of the garden is coming further up towards me castle. Fink he was the second one on me garage apex. Spotted my one drinking from me burd baff. Eye changed the water as the burds pooped innit. Me restricted access burd feeder is doing well. Robins feeding daily multiple times. Baby ones anorl. Need to finish restricting access to me burd baff now. Ah dun't want pigeons sitting innit and pooping.
Arternoon all!
Got the TomTom to download and install the new map.
Managed it by going via a bit of a back door, the TomTom My Drive Connect thingy I had already on my pooter instead of going in via the website. It actually worked more or less first time, and like it used to. It still went to the website but somehow it just seemed to be more willing to recognise that I was entitled to a free refresh thingy and put that up rather than trying to make me buy one.
@gstuart if you want to try this and you have lost the original prog thing to do this, with your old TomTom, message me with your email and I'll try to send it to you as an attached doc.

It is no longer April Fools so yes, you are reading right this is me trying to help others with "tech".
I must have a lie down as I feel a bit faint!

More packing of cars to do but it is going fine.
Have a good one peeps!