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  • Hi, i dont solve technical problems in private, sorry... see you on the open forum, by the way did you plug it in a tester...cos if not that's compulsory for further actions... especially live data...cos you may have an injector issue
    Hi, I'm new as a member to this sight but been viewing for a few yrs with help on other stuff. But my td5 disco is beginning to test me now :( thought you might be able to point me in the right direction because you seem to know your stuff.

    It's got a starting issue! This is what it's had so far
    Injector harness
    Injector seals (twice)
    Starter motor
    Air bleed valve
    Battery tested
    In tank pump (vdo)
    Fuel lines checked with pressure gauge attached an running just over 4 bar.

    In the morning it's a pig to start an the same when I get back in it after work. Or when it's been left for over 30mins it's a pig to start. Sometimes I can run in a shop come out and it takes a few winds then. Everybody tells me get rid but I need to see this through :-/
    Thanks for any help you can offer.
    hi m8, these are good ones Island 4x4 - Specialists in Land Rover and Range Rover Parts and accessories for all models. UK and worldwide mail order. - Island 4x4 - Specialists in Land Rover and Range Rover Parts and accessories for all models. UK and worldwide mail order. and Land Rover Parts and Spares Direct
    Hi Sierra, how's Transylvania this time of year? Cold one suspects. You put me onto a firm once that sells parts where you have to enter the part number, do you recall their name? Cheers pal
    Hello there I thank you for your info but how do I do this manual test.regarding hot air through dash.with thanks dmjb
    Hi SF,
    I know your a member of the D2 Boys club like me. Can you get onto the website? I've been trying for the last 3 days with no luck.
    Griff aka Landmark
    thanks for your advice sierrafery i got myself a hawkeye and it showed a stack of faults so i cleared faults had to drive on test run and all lights go out. forgot to say fuel/heater light go out instantly and changed front o/s wheel bearing cleaned earths
    I may take a look at it in the future. Either sending a signal to the motors or sending a signal to the mirrors ecu. I have a RAVE cd, are the wiring diagrams in there?
    Hi, the one i've fitted some time ago was a straight replacement, it came with new o-rings.... u dont need any sealant
    hi sierrafery, new td5 waterpump, does it need a sealant on it or is it just tightened down onto the rubber o-rings, i have asked on the forum and it seems to be the latter. however, i rate your opinion highly and wanted to check. thanks again, Richard.

    Great Lionks for Discovery II electrics, are similiar ones available for Discovery I Having a few issues with mine


    Hi and many thanks for the response. I am afraid I do not have an owners manual - not supplied with car but I am looking at one on ebay. I will search the EKA subject as suggested.
    Many thanks,Will.
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