Gearbox max 3rd in auto mode

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Hi again, more L322 problems!
(2005 supercharged 4.2).
Massive puncture, found a local place with the right size tyre.
They put the car on a lift and attempted to use a lift mounted jack to raise the front of the car. Im not sure what exactly they were jacking up. They tried 3-4 times, and then took it off the ramp and just used a trolley jack. Problem is now the car won’t go higher than 3rd gear (when in auto mode). Goes through all the gears in manual. I havent removed any bottom covers, but can’t see any damage (from a very quick inspection). Could they have crushed a oil atf pipe? Or is this just a coincidence? Any help appreciated. Scanned with gap iid, no codes.
Failure to upshift beyond 3rd gear is a classic symptom of rear stator bush wear for the 6HP26. However, you would expect to get a failure code for the E clutch slipping, and it just seems too much of a coincidence that it started at exactly the same time as your tyre replacement.