L322 td6 auto 2005 No Drive when hot

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My 2005 TD6 auto, i put it through a carwash and a mile down the road lost drive it felt like a slopping clutch as in engine revs had no effect.
I tried in D and R and in Manual mode also in Low range.
All had the same result.

after half an hour I tried it again and it drove another mile or so then the same thing happened.

I got recovered to home and read codes with Gap IID but nothing unexpected shows u.

from the fact it moves somtimes but not others I have assumed it is not an issue with prop shafts or drive shaft.

there is no oil in the coolwant water.

How would you go forward with diagnosing this?

My current thinking is get under the car and check any electrical connectors to gearbox and transfer box disconect clean and reconnect.
if that is no help I think i am onto checking / replacing gearbox oil.

All advise welcome.
Sounds like a coincidence to me. What's the gearbox history, oil changes? mileage?

But the gearbox oil level/condition would be the first thing to check, I think.
Car wash wouldn't hurt any underbody electrical connections, would it? Also GAP would have shown something if it was electrical surely.