Freelander 1 What is Trim Code "Q"

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Chatham, Kent
Hi All,

I'm hoping to get some leather dye to re-colour some incredibly sound, but incredibly grubby leather seats I've obtained and then replace the tired originals in my car with them.

I want to take them from their current "digestive biscuit" beige to the slightly browny/grey colour the original half leather seats are (early 2000 model, W-reg).

The trim code on the plate on the door shut before ordering some leather dye and it says the trim code is "Q".

What colour is that? I cannot see "Q" listed in the chart on this thread: Trim Code P | LandyZone - Land Rover Forum ....but I had previously believed my car has a Light Stone interior.

Thanks in Advance
There was two smokestone variants ( Smokestone and dark smokestone ) the other 2000 trim was Teal

I can see a Q code but it is lumped onto the end of a paint colour, what colour is yours btw? see if it matches
Dark smokestone was the taupe contrast element that replaced the teal, but smokestone / light smokestone is a colour common to Rover and Land Rover models from that era such as freelander / rover 75. My leather is a retrofit, so I can't help you out with trim codes, but I do know the colour names.