What do I do with my Defender ?

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Haven’t been on here for ages, which probably says it all !

So does anyone have experience of similar choices ?

my girl (1991 200tdi 90) would failed her MOT for the first time. Apparently she has gone from no advisories to the chassis being rotten in multiple places. She’s hardly been out of the garage this year.
So choices
1. Galvanised chassis
2. Patch up the old one
3. Sell her as she is
4. Leave her to become a garage find when I die

The decision isn’t really financial, it’s whether there is any point and can I be bothered.

She’s in OK condition considering the abuse from laning. Bodywork has battle scars and a couple of doors wouldn’t hurt.

A couple of years ago I wouldn’t have had to ask but I’m getting older, have a huge house renovation project going on, fostering rescue dogs etc etc. plus most of my old LZ laning mates have given up.

My daughter thinks I will regret it and miss her. Many of my friends / social events are from laning / Land Rovers, but I could learning knitting :D

I’ve just done the SORN.
I would patch up the old chassis if you can. I was going to re chassis mine a few years ago. But decided to repair a few areas on my chassis. I didn’t patch it, I cut out the rot and weld in flush sections, including internal webs. I was surprised to find my chassis had rotted in a few vulnerable areas, but most of the chassis was in very good condition.
It seems all chassis rot differently, depending on the life they have had.
I would weld it and keep it, still chuck it in the garage but with an mot you can tax it immediately online and pay monthly, cancel the tax when the garage time calls again.
Another vote for re-chassis - a proper meccano set like a 90 is, IMHO, a far better bet than anything else..

A re-chassis is going to solve nearly all of the potential problems for quite some time - certainly any rot problems for the forseeable future .. provided the bulkhead is good..

I'm also curious as to how it can go from no advisories, to fail in 12 months ? Got any pics ? Genuinely interested.. :)