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  • Hi Sue
    Hope your doing well, I want to pick your brains a group of us are doing our annual laning trip in February and was thinking about coming up around your way, could you recommend any good routes we would like some of the more challenging ones it would be a 3 or 4 day trip.Any info would be great.
    Thanks Geoff
    i can see where you are coming from, the lad in question is young, probably won't be bothered about off road politics etc, the lakes is a rat run of lanes, tracks if you know em, 1 or 2 vehicles etc it happens, who knows if you have an horse at the end of it?
    i have followed your threads and enjoyed them, your well organised, know your route your taking, but there is shortcuts all over up here, bridleways etc, been accessed for years, a lot of the problem is the adrenalin junkie's who goes off piste and spoil it for everybody else
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