What did you do with your Range Rover today

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Comparatively few 2.7l have the issue, mainly a 3.0l worry - the 2.7l tend to suffer from camshaft pulley fractures on the R/H bank, survivable if it fails at low revs.
Well got the scenic motd, so now the range rover can have some much deserved tlc its off to paintshop next friday, basicly everything except roof and mirrors then i can get her back and can fit everything iv got sat for her,
Genuine coolant bottle,
Genuine front arms and balljoints and inner and outer track rods,
Genuine rear toe arms and hub bushes alm with new nuts and bolts and washers,
Genuine pads and discs all round and 4 wheel bearings,
What can did you get are kid?

From the bay of E