We now have central locking...

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Napier, New Zealand
Treated the old girl to a new door handle as the surround was broken. Found out that the mounting screw that holds the key barrel in place was totally missing! Hence the floppy handle and sloppy locking action.

My God, what a mission to remove the latch and replace the broken plastic clips that hold all the rods in place. This was one of those occasions when Rave couldn't have prepared me for that 'ordeal'.

Only good to come out of it was that the wiring plug into the latch wasn't seated properly. Now it is and I have central locking + alarming + super locking. Took a long time to delete the error codes in the computer thingy though....... Happy days.

The rear passenger side door on mine won't open from the outside occasionally (does from the inside). Its not related to the central locking (I think) because you can open the door, shut it, not touch the locking and it won't open the next time you try. The kids have found a knack of pushing on the top of the door frame which will then sometimes allow it to open. Been like it since I got the car 8 years ago, but has got a bit worse of late - probably won't open most of the time these days.

Suppose its time for me to take the door card off and have a look!