I would just like to say

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When you compare the cheaper items they all look the same but diffrrent colours. Slight cosmetic change. Price of tools aint gone up much over many years. Manufacturers are forced to compete. Traditional makes having to compete wiv the likes of jcb putting oot their branded stuff assa sideline. Bosch dunt make diggers so its not fare.
Me big sheet is cut. Eye has cut 6x side fings and rounded oft the corners wiv me jigsaw. Sanded 3 ends to round them oft propper so far. Scrapped one lenf as eye shaped the end wrong. Was taking too long to mark them up so made a template oot me shreddies box. Stopped at 9pm last nite as it were late. Had just finished me cutting. Back on the sanding then stopped. Eye fort me sander would be quiet but it weren't. G clamped me belt sander on me work mate so eye could sand at 90 degree's.

When me cloth wraps round me big sheet eye were going to staple it into the edge as the flat side under neef will be too hard assits mdf. Eye has now changed me mind. Eye need to buy some timber strips to secure it to under neef. Will be easier that way.
Sorry that was meant for @DanClarke
It's OK, I spotted it @blue beasty. :)
I bought my Son's an Erbauer twin-pack each from Screwfix. Outside of the warranty they both reported the guns were dead/dying with just a sporadic Zttt, then no go. Typical of duff/brushes. I tried taking one to pieces. No removable replaceable brushes. Sealed units with tooled on compressions bands around the casings under the decorative end caps. :(
Must have been a "special" low-end version.
Morning all

Plus 1 as also got my work vans broken into 3 x times , 1st time the entire van was cleared out so alas couldnt work for weeks until I managed to get a loan in order to get some basic tools again

Refused to do site work anymore because every time I would get something nicked , worse still was when I done a block of fflat conversions , the next day the boiler , rads and copper pipe would all be gone , other times bathroom suite would be gone

Never forgot one that we converted from an old fire house to a drug rehabilitation centre , had around 16 x self contained flats , after they moved in the kitchens and appliances would be wrecked , boilers and copper pipe ripped off the wall , flooding flats downstairs , the company I worked for stopped going there in the end as the return visits were constant

So then moved to another company that would only work in private homes , still packed my tools up every night as there were a few occasion where u would come in the next day and find my drills were gone

Made sure my very expensive boiler analysers were removed from the van every day as they cost roughly 5k , paid for them over time so ensured they stayed with me at all times, dread to think what some of the mobile mechanics contents cost

mechanical tools I have mainly Halfords professional as I find there good value for money , power tools went from dewalt over to Milwaukee, had a few issues with new batteries going flat , so would do the old trick of linking fully charged batteries with the flat ones in order to get them to charge

intend to get some Kielder impact wrenches as they look good value for money , plus the guys who done the 4 x4 mini use them so can’t be that bad , can get one that has a breakaway torque of around 1790 Nm , comes with 2 x 5.0 Ah batteries and case for around £240

For woodworking , ie routers and bits I really like trend

Indeed is one of the lowest things that anyone can do by breaking into tradesman’s vans, taking away there livelihood , remember one guy catching them in the act, alas he got nicked as he slapped the guy a few times , in the end the judge threw it out and sentenced the thief to a few years in jail as he was a repeat offender

Have a great day everyone

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...that I have been foolish and bought another battery charger to replace the "dead" Ctek 7A one.
The new one is 24Karat Chinesium and 10A with 7 modes and was <£22.
A replacement of the Ctek was £109.
Now the Ctek may not be "dead" as if I use the "Supply" mode it pokes out 13.5V.
But, If I connect it to the quick connecter on the car (where my DVM says there is 12.7v) it fails to go into the charging modes at all whereas it used to steadily skip through all the modes/cycle to "supply" at the end.
Very puzzling, but I'd rather be sure I have a working charger.

Funny enough my CTEK gave up after a few years , was a 5.0 and then got the 7.0 as it then has a 12vdc supply so very handy when doing diagnostics or a software update

Currently charge my D3 up via the 12s socket , have the plug on the front of the house , drilled through the wall where my CTEK is in the hallway , just made up a 4 m charging lead using a 7 x core cable

Attached a battery monitor so can check the voltages via a Bluetooth app on my phone

Why should you be double taxed especially if you have been sensible and made provisions for later life should be telling that to the peaps with off shore acounts
I may have misunderstood you.
Are you talking being double taxed because you live abroad?
There is a no-double tax agreement between Frogland and Britland, although if we ever moved obever here permanently we'd have to get this all very straight.
But what would naff us off is that we would no longer get state pension increases, we think.
Not sure absolutely.
But yes, as a general rule, not against paying tax but very against paying it twice or over and over again.
Tax on "unearned" income is an oxymoron, cos you had to have earned it in the first place to be able to then invest it.
All IRs are money grabbing barstaff and then they don't even spend it properly.

And yes it is grossly unfair that those with tons of dosh can then protect it even better by shoving it up the Cayman islands or elswhere.
Utter scumbags stealing someone's tools & cheap tools will always sell so an easy target. :confused:
Funny now that you've mentioned the quality I have just bought a new dewalt drill as the other one which I think is
roughly 1 1/2 years old but with only light use, the issue is the chuck..it wouldnt realise a drill bit so I had to put
it in the vice to slacken it and now it wont hold a bit. Someone did say why dont you buy a new chuck then someone
else said better to replace the drill. Its kicking about in the shed. Thats a couple of my dewalt cordless thats packed in.
My nail gun started jamming think the firing pin is worn so thats out of action atm. My grinder trigger is starting to
play up to but that is well used so cant really complain. Milwaukee oooftt I wouldnt take any that gear near a site
youd need to have them harnessed on to you.
Agree re Dewalt. The one my ex s-i-l gave me is still going strong, but it has more steel bits on it than the new ones. Yes the batts go but you can buy cheap lookalikes from the Chinee that work fairly well.
But then I don't use them all day every day.

Wot about Makita? I know peeps who swear by them. (Maybe others swear at them!)