Freelander 2 (LR2) Freelander 2 Manual to Auto transmission conversion

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Evening. Planning on converting a manual Freelander 2 to Automatic. Other than the greasy, clunky bits what else do I need to know? I've been told the cranks are different. How true is this or are they referring to the auto drive plate connecting to the Torque converter in place of the clutch assembly and fly wheel.

Obviously the wiring will need changing to accommodate the Automatic gearbox's ECU.

I am well aware that it might be cheaper to obtain an automatic Freelander/ LR2 I like a challenge.

Its a lot of work and not worth the hassle. Why the change?

You'll need:
Auto gearbox
Auto gear lever and cable
Wiring harness
Programming device to program the car
Auto cooler bits and pipes
All the bolts and brackets etc
Lots of other stuff

Look up the parts catalogue in my signature and compare auto v manual to see what yer need.