Freelander 2 SD4 S 2012 | Automatic selector lever / gear selector lever is stuck

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Hello everybody,

I'm owning a Freelander 2 SD4 S from 2012 with automatic transmission for 2 weeks.
I have a small? problem with the automatic gear selector lever.

Sometimes (not always) when the car is stoped and I want to gently move the selector lever from the "D" position back over "N", "R" to the "P" position, it hangs. If you then move the lever to the left into manual mode and back to "D", it works again after several attempts and I can finally switch to "P".

I couldn't find a similar problem in the forum. Have any of you experienced this issue or do you have an idea why the automatic transmission selector lever stucks?

Thank you very much for every hint.

Best regards

Depending on the mileage it can be a gearbox issue.
If you buy that car with the issue, you certaintly had in mind that changing the geabox may be needed.
First read the codes, to see if there no geabox code faults ...

No other issue like long gear change delay ?
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Thanks for your quick reply. The mileage is at 76.000 miles. The gearbox is working great, it's just the lever who stucks sometimes in Drive Position when the car is stopped and I want to change to "N" for example. If I move the stick a bit left and right it gets loose and I'm able to go in Neutral, Reverse or Park Position.

I will read the codes, There are no errors displayed in the console. Shouldn't it says something if the car is recording errors from the gearbox?

Thank you,
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If the oil is bad or a solenoid inside the gearbox is malfunctioning, you will not be able to move the selector.
If the selector is broken you will certainty have the issue each time not sometimes.

Also don't wait until you had the selector stuck in park, you will not even be able to tow the car.
Problem fixed! It was a white plastic collar under the gaiter which locks the top of the gaiter onto the selector knob. It twists to lock on, but they do come adrift and drop down to the bottom of the selector shaft intermittently jamming the lever. Managed to feelt it throu the gaiter and fix it back in place. This solved the issue. Thank you for the advise.