FL2 2009 Auto “Transmission Fault” and judder

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I’m really sorry if I’m double posting - I couldn’t find anything that was exactly the same issue.

I have a 2009 Freelander 2 Automatic that has developed a transmission fault warning that comes up very occasionally.

Every time I drive up a hill, if I sit at around 50 to 60 miles an hour, it judders heavily. if I back off the accelerator or put my foot down, then the issue goes away.

My mechanic did a diagnostic plug-in, and said it had an error on one of the solenoids. However, he doesn’t touch anything gearbox related so wasn’t able to investigate any further.

The local auto transmission company recommended a gearbox flush, which I have paid for this worked for about three weeks, but alas, the judder is back again. The transmission company have said it’s very unlikely to be a solenoid and probably needs to have a full valve body or gearbox rebuild. Through past experience of transmission companies for other brands of vehicles, I have a very suspicious opinion of when gearbox companies throw “rebuilds” around as one of the first solutions without even really looking at the vehicle. But maybe that’s me just being very cynical.

This issue first started happening when I was towing 6 months ago and then has got steadily worse (but only if on a hill).

I’ve read in some places that it could simply just be case of needing to change the solenoids, which I would be tempted to attempt to do over the holiday.

Suggestions/thoughts on a post card would be very welcome…. Thank you
Normally juddering is due to the torque converter clutch shuddering.
You could try some Dr Trannys shudder fix, but if you're planning to keep the vehicle, you're better off having the work carried out to rectify the issue, as shudder fix can damage other gearbox clutch packs.