Billing 2023

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Giant Chicken
Milton Keynes
Anyone at billing this weekend?
I’m in my disco, took it round the off road course today.
It’s looking like it’ll be a busy show, packed fields already!

If anyone fancies a pint give me a shout. I may have a few key rings and stickers up for grabs.

Didn't end up going this year due to work commitments, couldn't tell by social media posts whether it was busy or not as the last two years there. The weather didn't look to clever though ( overcast )

I am going to drag my tin tent over to the LROI show in September though as we have never been that one.
I was working so couldn’t go. I’ll try to get to Peterbog for the LRO show in September for the day.
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Flip, I was there all weekend & didn't see this until just now :rolleyes:.
I thought it was great (had the D2 Alive mapped Saturday) & picked up some bargains to boot.