1997 fully restored 300 tdi 90

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Can't believe I'm contemplating this
sell the defender

1, Where would I determine an accurate / attainable market value ?
2, where to advertise ?
3, could I live without it ?

see my refurb thread for details
Why are you selling it after all the work you did to get it like new, are you looking for another project?
If you have a need for the money now, then yes sell it.

But do not forget with inflation as it is, cars especially defenders will hold their own, and money in the bank will devalue by the same amount inflation is rising.
Just sold my 300tdi basically a week ago and miss it already but I see the advantages of the replacement so be sure. But be interested to see how much you do sell it for.. always room for another . Hope all is well!
Thanks for the responses
I can't find a defender in this condition that has sold this year (my not be looking in the correct places)
Full comprehensive nut and bolt restored (2021) 1997 300tdi 90, galv richards chassis and bulkhead, new galv. floor supports, new galv. front and end doors, full bodywork refurbishment, Gwyn Lewis wheel arch protectors all round, alpine sat nav etc head unit with upgraded front and rear speakers (Sub amp fitted), full led light upgrade including high level work / reversing lights, full gamete of security features. Remote central locking throughout, Ashcroft's reconditioned gear and transfer box, New front and rear drive shafts, new clutch and associated system (master, slave, lines, hd fork), new suspension throughout, axles refurbished, complete new genuine LR braking system throughout, new Autosparks harnesses throughout, quick shift, New hybrid turbo, Madman engine monitoring system (Exhaust gas temperature, oil pressure and temp, coolant temp and level, Battery voltage, all monitored and alarmed) full width intercooler, refurbished headliners, front rear dash cam. reversing camera etc etc, fully top quality respray to paintwork, original Epsom green, full underseal and cavity prep, electric windows, electric heated front screen and mirrors with led puddle lights, retrimmed seats, heated front seats, new sawtooth alloys, comprehensive extensive service history. OIRO £40K
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Out of my league l'm afraid.

But it does look as good as it gets. One to put in an "investment barn" as using it would decrease the value.
I have no idea where to Advertise this so I can realise a realistic price and not have a load of tyre kickers ogling and knowing where its kept ?
On here is a good start. It will take a while to sell but it will eventually. Also list it on the other Land Rover forums.

At that price it's a collector's or investment piece. You could try "Car and Classic" or "Classic Cars for Sale"

l would love to be able to afford it, but sadly it's out of my reach.
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As above, Car and Classic is a good place to both sell and to price correctly. The market's very flat at the moment with little selling where folk are quite rightly holding onto their purse strings. If you're able to hold off I'd be waiting til March/next Spring before offering to market.

Look what Land Rover are charging for their restored S1's
And the restoration Defender V8

And they seem to have a waiting list. At these prices a fully restored TDi (arguably the best of all Defenders) at £40,000 is a relative bargain


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I'm reaching a stage in life where I'm now thinking
1, "is it fair to bequeath it to someone"
2, who would keep it to the same std I have without becoming a burden with the associated cost and commitment,
3, if it's lumped in with my estate what value would it realise for the family I'd prefer an enthusiast carry on it's celebrated journey

wow I think I need a whisky to lift my spirits :) and enjoy the Rugby
lf you weren't so far away l would have a look at it and make you an offer, it would definitely be a keeper.
But you're nearly 300 miles
round trip from here.