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  • Hi there - just joined the site having just bought a discovery2 td5.(2003)...and the gearbox has thrown a big leak - I think it is fitted with a r380 box (but not sure which version) so very interested in yours..... you mention an adapter....will this fit mine and what version Gearbox is it? Will this mate to my existing transfer box? Keen to progress quickly as soon as I get my new Disco trailered home. Regards.
    Hi are you selling the updated intercooler you mentioned is so what makes is it and how much do you want for it
    All in all I find I can do each bush in around 30-minutes which includes removing and refitting the relevant component.

    I did try using my vice to press them in (I have a real beast on the bench) but what with having to hold the radius-arm straight plus not wanting to over strain the thread (it isn't designed for that) I found my way a lot easier. I also tried using a threaded tod (like a DIY Bushwakka tool) but again it wasn't as good as knocking them into place.

    Good luck,
    Clean up the hole in the radius arm using wet & dry to ensure it is smooth and rust free. Ensure the new bush is well lubricated and is sitting square on the radius-arm then with a piece of pipe or a socket the same size as the outer-sleeve start to tap it into place. As soon as it starts to go in (keep lubricating it with penetrating oil) and you are happy it is straight you can hit it harder and you should find that very quickly it will be in position. Dangers here are using the wrong sized die to push it in (if it is too large it will touch the radius arm and if it is too small you will be pressing against the rubber or even the inner-sleeve), the surface not being smooth or it going in at an angle. If you are burring over the outer sleeve then you have a problem, stop and investigate rather than just bashing regardless.
    To remove the old bush drill through the rubber with a hole-cutter (you will need to buy two or three in various sizes), I prefer this to drilling a series of smaller holes which is very long winded and will leave a web of rubber which is VERY tough. With the centre removed cut through the outer sleeve using a hacksaw, usually the sleeve will come free after a quick spray with penetrating oil and a tap from a drift but it it is REALLY siezed into place then just cut a second slot, that should do the trick (make sure not to cut through the sleeve and into the radius arm itself). I have found that I can remove any bush in about 10-minutes using this method.
    Hi Richard.
    Sorry for not replying earlier but I hadn't seen that I had a PM.

    I have found that OEM bush replacement at home is not a problem. I first did it about 9-years ago when I replaced the original bushes and then I removed them last year when I fitted Bearmach polyurethene items (these will probably be junked as the ride is too harsh for my liking).

    The rest of my message will have to be sent in another two messages as it is too long.
    Hi There... I noticed your post on fitting OEM bushes DIY style... do you have any hints - will a large vice be enough to press them in?
    I'm errring towards OEM as they've lasted this long, and polybushes seem to have mixed reviews...


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