1987 Defender 90 for sale. Galvanised! SOLD

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From what I have seen people actively look for vehicles with a galvanised chassis and bulkhead. I think people suspect any old land rover (25+ years) will either have had extensive chassis repairs, will need extensive chassis repairs or will need a new chassis.

Also any land rover of that age is highly likely to have had "Triggers broom" repairs and replacement parts. Any that haven't would have had to have serious looking after and favourable parking/storage.

I couldn't comment on a value as I don't know - prices certainly don't seem as vibrant as they were, but I feel in a running condition it would be a sought after vehicle. Unfortunately it requiring trailering away will reduce the potential buyers, especially with your location.

Good luck, I hope all goes well for you. Its a shame you can't get it sorted and keep it though.