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  • Good afternoon.

    While I get the impression that perhaps I am in Series/Defender country here, may I trespass on the good nature of all members to obtain advice for a humble P38'er ?

    I have spent most of the afternoon looking for other members who also live in France in the hope of being pointed to an independent LR specialist within reach of where I live. I am in the Département of le Lot in the Midi-Pyrénées and the few members in France seem to be too far away to know of anyone local to me.

    In the UK I was blessed with the magic skills of Saint Barry and his team at Dakar Cars to keep me rolling, without resorting to Land Rover main agents. If you think UK official LR agents are extortionate, you ain't seen nuttin'. So what I am looking for is a Dakar-type firm in SW France. Can anybody help or advise ? Please ?

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