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  • Hi i went on the forum as i need to replace my swivel seals and sort out an oil leak from my steering box on my defender. When i went onto your pages they are all still there but the pictures are not showing because of a 3rd party host. I put a help post on today and got a reply to explain what has happened.I wondered if there was another way of getting the two tutorials on the swivel balls and the steering box.dave
    Buster - Just wanted to say thanks very much for your photo tour section on here. Really helpful with numerous tasks.
    Hi mate,

    I have a 2.5litre 2004 defender 90 county station wagon that's done 64,000 miles. Both my front and rear axles are dripping a small amount of oil. It looks like the pinion oil seals must be the culprits where the prop shafts connect.

    I know the td5 uses a special crush washer on the bearings of the axle but I'm wondering if you could advise the best way to replace both the front and rear axle pinion seals. And also whilst doing this job is there anything else worth looking at whilst it's in bits.


    Thanks for all your brilliant 'how to's' on here. I am getting towards the end of a 200tdi conversion and have found your posts really helpful. In fact, if I wasn't happily married...

    Yet another BIG THANK YOU from one of the sites thickies that really appreciates your good work.

    Big Jig
    Hi Buster.
    Got any tips for me, i am trying to get the Fulcrum Fixing Bolts of, but they wont Budge, and i am frightened of rounding the nuts of.
    Hi buster I have fond lods of you photo gides
    Brill thank you and also I have look a one you did
    A bit ago for air filter fixing for a 200/300tdi
    Do you have the part no of the fixing for your filter
    To your wing I can't find one aney where and the one I did
    Was £120! Plese help
    Hi, I'm new to posting on here but have watched from afar for quite a while, this morning I replied to a post and got a message saying something like, " this post is awaiting approval........." , but since then I have looked at the relevant topic and my reply has not yet appeared, any ideas ?
    Just a quick THANK you for the guides.. very useful for a knobwit like me to follow !
    at least it gives me the confidence to try and fix it myself....
    Buster. Thanks for your photo guides - really useful and have been a big help to me as I have been fitting a 200tdi engine to my build and I found all your engine pics vital to me getting everything hooked up and into place...massive thanks and respect.
    Hi there..
    i`m trying to sell my 200 tdi county on the forum, but a wee panel keeps popping up and it seems i have insufficient rights...what can i do ?
    glad yer healing buster .
    I'd be knockin a few quid off the bill fer damages mate ,cheeky ****s:mad: I ain't done a thing with the bike fer ages mate apart from move it to make room for the constant stream of repairs my 90 requires lately, going to get the chop done soon as i only need a seat and chain to finish then going to have a massive clear out as too many engines and bits knocking about for landy and bikes , just got to finish a 90 N/A TO 300TDI conversion first that i'm doing with mrpdude off here that's taken up residence on me yard :) it should be a nice 90 for him when it's done though and i do like helping folk out.
    ayup buster not seen you about lately mate, how's your wound? hope yer all healed and doin' well bud.
    Thanks for getting back so quick Buster. I did think of changing the steering wheel when i was going to use the transit seats but even so, with a 2" lift, it was a struggle to get in and out and i would have ruined the sides of the seats in no time. Have you changed your steering wheel and if so, to what size?
    Also I have been thinking of trying to square up the bodywork so the doors fit better. Do you know if the seat box is seperate from the bodywork or will I have to lift that as well? I have a wedge shaped gap at the top of both doors and the lines of the doors dont line up with those on the tub. I hoped that lifting the midle section would close this gap but am unsure if the seat box is connected and would have to be raised aswell? Thanks again
    Hey Buster, hows it goin? Ive been looking into changing my front bucket seats to something that the wife and kid can sit in with me( i know, i know) I was reading your oldi post using a rr classic rear seat. Do you still have it and was it a success. Tried using transit 1+2 front seats but they sit too high even with runners removed and i cant get my legs between the steering wheel and seat. Did you have this problem? Any tips would be helpful. I know a guy who is breaking a classic so could get all fixings, belts etc. Cheers,Mick
    hi i have just bought a 90 defender 2.5 whilst at a set of traffic lights the cam belt snaped , i was wondering if you had any experiance with this kind of work what other damage done if any ? as we were idel and not in gear , spoke to a few people with diffrent views and some garage that was blatenly trying to pay of his morgage with my problem ... would be great to have your input as you seem to no what your talking about mate
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