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  • Howsitgan yesel' mate;):D Me wound is "still" healin'... dunno when fully healed tho'? No packin' been done for a couple o' weeks (TFFT!). A wee bit stressed oot wi' the mrs havin' her new kitchen fitted! Came home one day to find a nice wee ding in one o' the bikes forks (hit by a wheel barrow) that nobody is ownin' upto!!! ... also a few other stuff wi' the house that could've been easily avoided!
    Been skankin' about on a few facefook bike forums for ideas 'n' stuff... are you on it yet?
    Ah'm really needin' tae get the garage sorted oot as need tae get back on wi' the bike and give the bus a guid service, clean the chassis and waxoyl it amongst other stuff!
    Hope ye're doin' well yersel' mate;):D
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