P38A ZF4HP24/22 Fluid Change Procedure.. "How To"

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Being a Nosy git I also took my Oil filter apart.

A pair of pliers allows access!


And I wish i hadn't looked! ;)



Box is silky smooth ;)

Next time you service ya box pull the filter apart, it'll tell you everything you need to know about the condition of your box..
Never mind the magnet in the sump!

It does look excessive, and to be fair it is a tad too much, but considering the last filter change was in 2003 at 25k i'd say with the life she had before I got her, it isn't too bad..

A magnet swept it up, and once bunched together it didn't look bad..

Those big chunks are Aluminium.. :)

Filter has clearly done it's job, 17yrs of wear!


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I split the filter first time on mine, the oil had never been changed but it was not as bad as yours.
I have an HP24 to fit when I get time, it's scared the HP22 as it has suddenly started working properly:rolleyes:
Same with mine!

It seems to have chewed up something, but it still works perfectly!