What Happened in NZ Today

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Tony Reeves

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New Zealand
Thought this forum looked a bit quiet, so I will double the number of threads....

Spend most of the weekend using the FL1 to move daughters' stuff.

A bugger moment here (why would you put a frame over the driveway? ...
Afternoon Tony,

I like your new take on a roof tent. Taking a second look at the picture, whilst there may be a frame in the way, the depth of the load looks greater than the height of the FL. You could almost call it a sail for down wind travel. Trust it all went well.
I feel guilty not starting a new thread. Thanks for putting some life back into the NZ section. At present it is blowing a hoolie here south of Auckland. Some of the paddocks are temporarily boating ponds. During a few rain free days last week I used the 90 to harrow some of the paddocks. With the dogs on the front seat and the radio going it is a more civilised method than a tractor without a cab. Whilst the tractor can chew the ground up the rover proved to be only slightly better. Despite the mud tyres I momentarily came to a stop until I woke up and activated the diff lock. The livestock tend to roost at the gateways turning them into quagmires.

A buddy and I are waiting for a good dump of snow so that we can do our annual trip for breakfast at the Chateau and visit either Tukino or Mangatepopo road. It looks like this w/e weather is going to fulfil the request. Jobs outstanding on the 90 are new lower bushes on the rear shocks. There are new shocks and turrets for the front some time in the future. The latter will have to wait as we are busy sorting the house out to put on the market.

There is a Club run on Sunday which could be a good venue for some action shots after all this rain. That is about all that is happening here at present.

Hi guys, just joined forum myself two days ago, so we are increasing in numbers yeeahh!!!..............happy Xmas guys, time for holiday and fix our landrovers..
Welcome to the forum :)

Been here 15 years meself.

Shall be passing through Nelson next month on a road trip with visiting relies. Often heading off places, but seem to have always headed south or west of late. Haven't been up to the top of the South for a couple of years now, so looking forward to it.