Vehicle Tracking: A Beginners Guide

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After reading Your post I looked on Ebay to see what was available and was quite impressed with a tracker that fits straight into the EOBD socket ties up with a phone app and txt notifications on location,engine start condition and alarm if unit is removed.The one I read up on included a sim card too and was inexpensive.Nice post! AL
I have one of the SinoTrack units ordered thru Alibaba; I think, all in, it was around £25 and has proved to be fit for my purposes. Hippo makes a good point to check the battery backup time and functionality, on a regular basis and I will get in to that habit.
Thanks Hippo, I had read this previously and found it very useful. I posed my question here as was wondering if theres been any updates or changes to the technology which would make a difference one way or another.
Not really changed. Just more providers.
I’m fairly new on here and have read the last eleven pages with interest and not without some confusion.
I’ve a SkyTag on mine. Got it through an independent LR garage for a 3rd of the cost of buying it direct from ST. It gives you three levels of cover. You choose what you want and pay accordingly on a monthly basis. What I like is that you can change the level of tracking cover as and when you like eg: if leaving car at home whilst abroad.
Bottom line is it suits my needs and gives peace of mind. :)
Any tracking device is better than nothing, and will give you some chance of recovery if your Defender is stolen.
Without a tracking device, chances of recovery are almost zero.
Bottom line is it suits my needs and gives peace of mind. :)
That's a big point in this whole debate. The high-end units have a supplementary transmitter to assist in the locating of the vehicle, if within close range and other anti-defeat options. For most of us, we make do with a unit that can be 'blanked' from mobile and GPS signals, etc, but I suspect that most of the tossers involved in all of this either don't care (because in no time they'll have the doors, seats, bonnet, etc, off and away) or they take the basic precaution of disconnecting the battery after laying the vehicle up in a public place for a day or two to see what happens.