Range Rover not starting.

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Im after some further advise off anyone who can give it to me..

As said earlier, im getting around 17mpa, however, when I take the sensor off the rail, im still getting 17mpa (with no pressure), ad then when I unplug the sensor, live data is showing at 220mpa, has anyone known this before??

Many thanks

As above sounds like a duff sensor.
But if it sees the pressure of 17 (i think is above the injector firing threshold) then something else isnt right. But if it shows that out in the open then that isnt right either.

So If it shows 220mpa disconnected can you confirm the injectors are firing? Noid lights? Or is that a number that says "this is so high & not possible" so it does nothing?


I was thinking that if the sensor is unplugged, it should show either 0 or no data, so I was thinking that it could be a wiring fault, but ive had a good look at the wiring to find nothing at all..

how can I check to see if the injectors are firing?

I feel at my whits end with it..