Range Rover L322 Air Suspension not Calibrating

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Hi All,

I have recently changed front lower arms and post collecting the car the air suspension got de calibrated.

I have taken it back to the garage that has done the front lower arms and the mechanic has overinflated the front left air suspension causing it to burst.... So i took the car to a different garage now and they have replaced the front left Air Suspension and now trying to calibrate it.

What would be the best measurements for the "normal" ride mode for Range Rover L322 2004 with 22" rims?

Also can they add all 4 different mode heights for off rode max height, access mode max height and motorway drive? or do you just set the normal drive mode?

I am just concerned given that it is completely de calibrated now that it will inflate again and pop other air suspensions.

any advice how to do this? how to set it back to all factory settings as it was before?

thanks a lot!

I believe you can only set the normal ride height and the car does the rest, at least that's the case with my diagnostic tool anyway.
I have callibrated mine many times when I was chasing a fault and all it did was settle to a normal'ish ride height, it may be worth checking the arm on the height sensor is the right way round as they can be flipped 180 degrees.
I'm surprised they managed to burst the air bag as someone manually inflated theirs and said the pressure release valve kicked in.

Good luck :)

Front left


Front right


Height chart

Hi backinblack, thank you for your swift response.

I am also surprised that the pressure release valve didn't kick in and deflate when it was overinflated....

I will check the height sensor is the right way however I remember when i was looking whilst he was initially changing the arm that he only unscrewed the sensor on one side therefore not sure if he could've turned it around however worth checking.

Also i will ask my mechanic to set the height for drive as per the above photo, thanks for that, and hopefully the computer will do the rest when in off road or highway mode.

Out of interest, what is the brand of your diagnostics tool so i can cross check with my mechanics one.

Tthe over all position now is stable in terms of the air suspension however not calibrated fully as one side higher.

I remember he told me that he did put them all to one measurement however after a 10 min drive it inflated the "new replaced" air suspension only a bit ( that was after calibration) so he was concerned and didn't want to over inflate therefore he lowered it now and it looks like as if i am in access mode the whole time.

I will update you later this evening when i visit the mechanic again.

In the meantime if you have any other suggestions please let me know.

Thanks a lot!!
My diagnostics is a Foxwell NT510pro but they have been replaced with a NT530. There are other free tools but you have to buy the dongle to connect it to the car (called INPA I think). Other more expensive tools are available.

Also you can only select access, normal, offroad heights, motorway is done by the car at around 60mph. Extended height again is selected by the car if it thinks you are beached.
Thanks again.

So when i go to the mechanic, i will ask him only to calibrate the normal drive mode and the car will automatically adjust the access and off-road as well? do all 3 needs to be manually adjusted?

Apologies for the follow up questions, i want to be sure and i dont want to incur further costs for new air bags...

Kind regards,

Sorry got stuck in a meeting. You can only enter one set of values during the calibration the heights are then calculated by the suspension ecu. With my diagnostics you start the calibration then measure each wheel from the centre of the wheel to the wheel arch and input the values on the tool which then calculates and adjusts accordingly.

thanks, will give it a god today. fingers crossed. otherwise i might buy the diagnostics tool you have.
There are better diagnostic tools with more functions depending how much you want to spend. The Foxwell is limited but I have a very helpful indi garage with a testbook within walking distance.
noted thanks. i mean i need it for minimal purposes, around air suspension and just to run overall diagnostics and as we all know to reset the odd error that appears for no reason... that's all more or less. i wouldn't go too expensive at all, just as a first aid help.
Have you any update as mine is very similar
Hi Rover75lover

Yes the update was that the new mechanic was very sceptical with the calibration and i used the screenshot above.

My latest measurements are below and he doesnt want to touch too much as he thinks the software is old on the car and he thinks this is best he can get.

FL 77

FR 77

RR 78

RL 78.5

What issue do you have?

Happy to help with anything.

Kind regards