Range Rover Classic 1988 starting problem

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South Derbyshire
Hi all, I have a 1988 3.5 v8 Range Rover. It is the flapper type.
In ignition position 1, I have no voltage to the coil, I've checked the fuel shutoff valve and theres no voltage coming from the white cable coming from the ignition itself.
I have replaced the ignition switch with a brand new unit. I've been looking on wiring diagrams and I think the diagrams are simplified as apparently the ignition goes straight to the fuel shut off valve. Does anyone know whats before the fuel shut off in the line?

Many thanks Dave, hopefully this is clear enough. Any ideas welcome,
Hi Datatek, okay so the position in which the key first clicks is what I mean, it usually energises the radio, dashlights and coil. I just wonder if anyone has any knowledge of what precedes the fuel shut off.
Screenshot_20231211-192438_Samsung Internet.jpg
Or more concisely the Vacuum switch in this diagram, many thanks. I've been struggling a lot with this 3.5 flapper. I thought they were supposed to be simple!