L322 Range Rover 2005 - rear doors, tailgate, fuel cap locked

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Hello everyone,

Let me describe the condition I have encountered yesterday and would be glad if you tell me what it was.

After locking the vehicle (US version, HSE) with a remote, trying to unlock it by pressing the unlock button twice. Rear doors, tailgate and fueld cap door do not unlock. Pressing the unlock button on the console does not help either. Locking/unlocking car with the key - same situation - rear doors, tailgate and fuel cap remain locked.

I drove home, parked car in the garage, connected the battery to maintainer (just in case). This morning, came down, saw that battery is fully charged. Tried to unlock rear door with a remote - same situation. Tried with the second key/remote - no changes.

Then I put the key in the ignition, turned it to position II, but did not start the car. Then turned the key to off, removed the key, closed the door, locked the car. When pressing the unlock button twice on the remote - now rear doors and fuel cap are unlocked. I repeated lock/unlock with the second key/remote - works too. Also checked the button on console - also locks/unlocks all doors.

My questions: what it was, what caused this, how to avoid this happening again and was the procedure to bring back everything to normal right one?

P.S. Does anyone got link to 2005 RR HSE US version manual? I have UK version but number of stuff is missing and different - like remote shown with 4 buttons, while mine is with 3. Found 2002 US version manual but shows AM/FM buttoned dashboard, while mine has screen.
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Like these:

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