Great british LR Show Stoneleigh

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A few years back we used to go to a few of the shows, but just like model specific magazines, once you have been/read a few they are all much the same.
Weve been to 3 or 4 now, all feel slightly different. We like being able to use the landy off road, everyone's dead friendly and banters good and like yer man on last page, you can grab loads of stuff.
Kids are into cars in general so they get a lot out of it.

Don't go every single year, let the scene refresh a bit like 🙄
I wouldn’t bother going on the Saturday…..
It‘s a Sunday only event😁

Looks like 2 days to me
Spent a couple of hours there, was smaller than a few years ago I think but the jumble sale was inside 👍🏻

Few more companies doing roof tent hire and expedition vehicle hire popping up

Burger van was extortionate but fookin lovely 😂

Decent little show, off road was a laugh. Marshall said I might struggle on the Avon's, they're not quite full AT, but it was sound. Quite muddy but not scratchy.

Helped a lad get his rear spring back in 😅 4 of us rocked the 90 and he just pushed it back in 👍🏻
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Judging by your pics it wasn't as muddy as i thought it would be given the recent rain.
I met a mate there. Me in my BMW him in his Astra. Both have Landys, both currently off the road. I was particularly miffed as mine is a 101 that i've had for about a month and Sunday was it's 46th birthday. If i'd got the brakes all sorted i was in two minds whether to go on the course or not. It's got bargrips on it at the moment and i still don't know if the diff lock is working. The light comes on but hey, what does that mean? It's still a Land Rover...

We both reckoned it was smaller than last year.
Watched a video on YouTube the other day and it looked pretty muddy and slippery.
I think me and mates have attended every one, assuming it started about five years ago and every time it's been dry. Except for the last time i went in the D2 without locking centre diff. I never got stuck or even close to it in my old 300TDi. At the start i mentioned no locking diff to the marshal. He laughed and said i guarantee you won't get stuck! "You'll lose traction but just keep your foot in, the TC will kick in and you'll sail straight through!" I got stuck!
It also got stuck at Billing in a dip. Again in the old 300 the only place i got stuck was in the mud pit and the last time i got through on the first lap and got stuck on the second. We pulled up and the marshal said "drive on pal, you ain't geting through unless you've got extremes on."
We explained that we just made it through about fifteen minutes ago. "Well it's got worse, you won't make it."
"We did last time..."
Staring contest...
We got stuck...
So i know how a wet Stoneleigh is very different to a dry one. I just envisioned a more muddy Disco.
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