For Sale Freelander 2004 facelift HSE Parts

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Rotted 2004 HSE in silver (Zambezi) 5 door.

Has the Land Rover standard fitment audio / navigation system, Harmon Kardon amplifier, reversing sensors / module and switch.

Also all doors and tailgate are good but would require collection from North Devon (30 mins Jcn 27 M5).

Please ask about other bits. Running engine 135k with recent clutch but failed IRD - probably not able to remove so would offer shell plus engine and box??

PM me to discuss if you need anything. All interior trim has been used. Sunroof has been used and airbags.

Also rear sub woofer.
Speakers have been removed already !
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I'm after a propshaft as mine was missing from the car when I bought it, and need 4x4 for getting across the Sahara!
Hi Andy,

I have a couple of project ideas, but really need a replacement aerial and base, but not sure that the 5-door version is the same as the one on the three door?

The projects I have in mind are:
(1) a retrofit of heated seats (the thing I really miss) - my car doesn't have the correct loom (i.e. no harness at all for the heated seats!)
(2) a retrofit of heated windscreen (same situation as above).

Project (1) is of most interest to me - I may potentially be able to get the loom off Philip when he's finished with his, but might be good to find another... :)
Hi Rob,

The HSE seats are in my G4 and wiring is off to power my G4 when I get time I am afraid.

Aerials are different on 3 and 5 door for sure.

Heated screen wiring, don't think it is possible to get screen out, I can.probanly help with. Let me have a look. Is it an overlay loom or taped in as an HSE loom fitment?

No worries regarding the heated seat wiring mate! :)

I don't know if the screen wiring is a separate loom, or part of the body loom. Knowing from experience what Rover and MG Rover did back in the day, the chance is that this is all taped up in the main body loom (complete with a different part number) - but you never know!
My Disco sport has it - nice in winter and helpful to demist (although air con does this really well too!)
HI Andy,

I note you say the car is rotted, but is there any chance the rear subframe is any good? I'm not too woried about surface corrosion as I'll get it shot blasted and painted, but it would need to be solid.