Freelander 1 Well loved and cared for Td4 HSE For Sale

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Cannock Staffordshire
SWMBO’s Freelander. SOLD

Freelander Td4 HSE.
Registered 24th December 2003.
MOT expires September 2021.
Mileage 102,500
Detachable tow bar with twin electrics & key.
Full Harmon Kardon with subwoofer.
Matching spare wheel alloy, tyre never used.
Chrome spare wheel surround for Summer, leather surround for winter.
Synergy 2 tuning module.
Full leather interior is mint, conditioned annually.
Paintwork is flawless, no orange peel or swirl marks. Regularly polished then waxed by me.
She has never smoked or had a pet in the car.

It has had everything it needs pro-actively, by Arctic, who I bought it from, who planned to keep it, and by myself for the same reason.

In about the 4 years she has owned it, she has done about 14,000 miles

It has had the following.
Brand New GKN VCU.

IRD O ring & IRD coolant face plate by Fox Land Rover, who pointed out a rail leak by one of the injectors, so replaced leaking line.

Driveshaft VCU support mounts replaced.

Bridgestone tyres all round, fitted at the same time

New sunroof, drains cleaned out annually.

New Yuasa 5000 Battery

Silicone hoses.

Interior filament bulbs replaced with panel LED’s

Manual release and ‘Door open LED retro fit to the back door.

2 doors have had new window motors.

Rear O/S hub wheel stud had damaged thread, new hub and bearing fitted

New clutch.

New handbrake cable.

New wiper blades.

All filters including PCV and fuel have been changed

Only Fully synthetic 5W30 oil used.

FBH has run without fault since she has owned it.

FBH ambient temp sensor start can be switched off

FBH has remote parking heater control, that also starts the A/C after user set time (I replaced the A/C relay I installed, to auto start the A/C because I was sent some dud bases that got too hot, it has run for 4 years without fault.

New discs, pads, shoes. Did not like the new Pagid shoes, failed MOT so replaced with Brembo.

Both keys and key fobs present.

Genuine headlight covers.

Looks the same as in the photos that were taken in 2019/2018/2017 when it regularly took part in Classic & Land Rover shows.

I will fully refurbish the FBH prior to sale.

The heated front screen does not work, sort of investigated wiring & relays. Thought of getting the screen replaced, but the FBH works so well would not use it anyway.

Few things I forgot.
I replaced the red lens single filament bulb holders to twin filament type, so the lower are tail/stop, and the upper are tail/fog.
All the odd coloured plastic trim bits, and door lock pulls, I sprayed to match the body colour,
First pic is the LED's I fitted into the back door edge, and wired into the cabin light, so they come on when the door is opened, to combat the wheel obscuring the O/S tail light, although the lower lens mod does the same thing







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Hi Nomad. What Andy said is usually right, I stumbled upon this old thread. The new sunroof was fitted buy the previous owner who is a member (Arctic). He also did a lot of maintenance work on the rails and roof. Must have been at least 8 years ago. I am sure he would not mind you asking him. I believe he posted a thread somewhere.
Yep. Exactly right. With new ones having gone from circa £100 to well over £400 in the last two or three years it's well worth the odd trip to your local breakers yard. Good ones are super rare now but you may just get lucky. I replaced my first one about five years ago with an average one which cost about £3. I took the seal off and gave the frame a bit of TLC and it lasted until this winter before I had to replace it again so can't complain. I got lucky a couple of weeks ago and got one that is in really decent nick. There are slight signs of corrosion in the two rear corners but I'll be pulling the seal off and doing some minor treatment to try and extend it's life. This particular one was £20 but looking at it, it should last for some time.