Freelander 2 Turbo Fault.

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My 2013 Freelander 2 has a problem with the Actuator in the Turbo and has gone into Limp Mode.
Itt would happen when I am 100 miles from home on holiday.
I believe these Actuators often go wrong, they can be bought on their own but I believe they have to be calibrated to the turbo and many garages dont have the equipment, so I am thinking of buying a complete Exchange Turbo which will have a new Actuator in it. and it carries a years guarantee.
The car is at a garage, can anyone advise as tto how long it takes to remove and replace a new turbo, PLEASE.
A Freelander 2 turbo can be swapped in about 2 hours, but it'll still need diagnostics afterwards, as an air path calibration needs to be carried out. This can take about another hour, as the engine needs to be at running temperature before the calibration can be started.

I'd be making sure the turbo vane lever is free before going to all the hassle and expense of an unnecessary turbo replacement.