Freelander 1 L series Clutch fierce/juddery (except in hot weather!)

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Hi all,

My first post for a while - had trouble remembering how!

Clutch seems generally a bit fierce and juddery, except during the recent hot weather when it seems fine. I'm thinking it might be the heat is expanding and freeing up something that's a bit tight at cooler temperatures? Or do worn friction surfaces work more smoothly when warm?
The PG1 gearbox is well known to suffer clutch judder, even from new.
The problem can be caused by several factors.

If the lease lever bearing is dry or rusted, then the clutch will be stiff. Lubrication is needed ASAP, or the strain causes the slave cylinder bracket to fail, which then breaks the slave cylinder itself.

Basically anything that is binding in the clutch assembly will cause juddering.
The release bearing slide and input shaft splines being lubrication free are a major contributor to judder.
The only real cure is to pull the box off, strip, clean and correctly lubricate every part of the release assembly.
Thanks Nodge68, I've also realised/remembered that one of my previous questions on here regarding similar though not quite the same symptoms (worked fine at first but fierce once warmed up and on the move) had received a very detailed and well explained answer from none other than your good self! So thanks again and as I've lost my workshop space, (temporarily hopefully) if I do need to bite the bullet and get it done by someone I'll explain the foibles re: cleaning and provide some of the special grease to the Mr Oily who gets the job done. Seems ok at the moment though - especially so if the weather is warm!
The gearbox splines and bearing slider tube need cleaning and spearing lubrication using ceramic brake grease, just a thin covering is all that's needed.
The release lever shaft and contact patches on the back of the bearing need lubrication with a moly or CV joint grease.