Airblast cooler!

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I need a new top intercooler hose (3 in image) cos mine has split. The garage is telling me they don't know which part to order because that depends on if there is air blast Cooler or not and the garage doesn't know and the parts dealer can't tell me how to identify if I do or not... Anyone know what to look for?


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LRcat (!/1233/64319/64443/5280/64552 ) comes up with these part numbers:
PCH118133 for the one with the airblast
PCH118134 for the one without the airblast.
Pics of the two:
Compare with what's on the vehicle

Could try ringing parts dept of a LR franchised dealer & with the reg & VIN numbers to hand ask if their system shows what system the vehicle was originally built with.
Does the garage know if an air blast cooler is actually fitted? If not take some pictures of the gearbox cooler, and post them here. Also post pictures of the hoses you need, so we can identify the ones you need.
From memory the boost hoses are the same regardless of an air blast cooler being fitted or not.