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  • The problem I have is time, there just isn't enough! I have a 1974 Beetle sitting on the drive which needs rebuilding (welding and then MOT-ing), the Wife had a cam belt failure on her 2004 Scenic which we are in the process of breaking to sell the bits and then going to scrap what's left. This is also on the drive. I might be buying an X-Type Jaguar on Saturday which has a head gasket problem too. This I am actually very excited about as it's dirt cheap and could be a really nice car! I have also started doing car repairs in my lunchtime for work colleagues too! It's just a good job that the 110 runs pretty sweet generally. And it's lucky that I have another daily driver and we just bought the Wife an old Golf (which I have just repaired an airbag fault on too...)

    Oh, and I have a 300Tdi which needs rebuilding....

    So tell me about your truck? What's the issue with the starting?
    Jobs? Well...

    Fit a turbo boost guage
    Fit a rev counter
    Fit a radio!
    Upgrade the dashboard lights (they are really ****)
    Replace the rear floor and braces
    Replace the rear crossmember
    Upgrade the rear axle to discs
    Fix the door frames
    Fit the cowel back in and replace the viscous fan
    Fix the rear window wiper
    Fit axle breathers
    Re-route the air intake

    The gearbox has a noisy 5th which is a little annoying at times, but I think I will stick with it until it totally breaks before I do anything about it. I have a Discovery R380 which I plan to rebuild and fit the selector linkage off a Defender box to it. This would make a good replacement. I would like to fit a 300Tdi tunnel and adjust/replace the seatbox. This would make a better job than I have done already.

    The most important thing will be to fit the axle breathers before the snow comes. The old pipes had just disintegrated and I haven't got around to replacing them.
    Yeah I bet . My 90 is a D reg it's got a 2.5 TD that doesn't like starting and they haven't got the best write up .So I might have to get a 200Tdi but there quite expensive now ! What jobs have you got planned on it next ?
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