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  • Hi,
    VEry long shot but just seen an old post saying you had a 90 IFOR canopy for sale, don't suppose you've still got it have you.
    ivechecked all hoses /pipes mate and have fitted new fuel filter throttle linkage looks fine so will see how she goes tomorrow as ive a journey to take [hills included] if not ok will fit new fuel lift pump then have a look at the more expensive part -turbo thanx again
    Hi Ryan,
    Many thanks for getting back to me. I appreciate how busy we all are at this time of year so it's absolutely not a problem. Hope you have a great New Year and are recovering from last night's festivities! I'll drop you a line once it's here to let you know it got here ok.
    Thanks again,
    Hi Ryan, just wondering if you received the Paypal money and managed to send the injection pump as I haven't heard back from you yet.
    Thanks again, I know it's an inconvenience wrapping it up and sending it but it really is appreciated.
    Hi Ya, did away with the EGR valve, fitted a blanking plate and a new hose, also cleaned the intercooler out, hopefully will have some more power now.
    Your welcome to pop round for a cuppa and a chat, you've got the address, it's the first turning after you come off St Michaels road at the roundabout and the landys parked outside.
    Thanks Sible, but it's all done now, however if your about and fancy doing a few local lanes I'm dying to get out in the beast.
    hi my remark about wind up was towards hamsterberg not you ,thank you ,i should make my replies clearer but dont know how to do the quote thing
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