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  • Hi Andy,
    We are setting off from Perigueux (France).Probably 31st August or 1st September.We are planning to head for the Picos de Europa region just south west of Santander.We'll have a few days in that area,then head down to Portugal,to check out the Parque Nacional Penda Geres,Marao and Alvao.
    We also are running a 110 with roof tent.
    It would be cool to meet up for a day or two.....Or more.
    You can email us on [email protected]
    Are you driving down through France or sailing to Spain???
    Marc & Annette.
    Hi sharkey thanks for reply, we will probably make it up as we go, we're going from Plymouth on the 8th sept when are you going ?
    I'm running a defender with roof tent , how about you ?
    Sound's like you've got thing's sorted over there Mike.That's great to hear.:))
    Don't see Rob or the rest of those ****s.They have chosen to side with Karen & that Dutch #### Elroy.So they can go #### themselves.
    Rick aswell.....I believe in loyalty to freinds.They obviously dont.
    I'm off to Availles at the end of Feb with Jason & Manu's crew,so looking forward to that.Met a lovely lass from the Charante, so happy days on that front.
    I'm realy chuffed that your making a do,over there.
    How's the little un?
    im doin good mate. How bout you? Still off roading at Robs? i bloody miss that. Say hi for me if youre round there again. Still got me old 200 but august will be the end of it. Time for a new one. Movin house in a couple of weeks. Will have a garage and gettin a mig welder this week. Time to start work on the disco.
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