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  • You would do better to ask these questions in the open forum in the relevant section you would get more answers/advice.
    These posts are on your profile.
    Thanks still getting used to the forum a little
    As a query how difficult is it to replace engine to gearbox seal as it appears I have leaks around the engine sump and gearbox to engine grrr and as I have it jacked up on stands I really ought to do them as well
    The only thing I am replacing that was not at all planned is the front cross member as it turned out to be rotten and cant believe the previous owners mechanic didn't notice or comment about this and nothing on previous MOT's either. So fortunately found one and just have the great joy of fitting it!
    Just as an update a week on and upgrades still ongoing wheels just picked up for a colour change and repairs. I will be posting some photos of everything that’s been happening over the weekend as think I deserve a weekend off if I can stay away!
    I am also adding waterless coolant and had it up to Gareth at Empire tuning before I started he had a drive and said its fast already and some sort of mapping and maybe switchable so once I am finished with my works few hours with Gareth and lets see what it tests at so I can let my insurer know!

    Then I will have to think of the next thing maybe something with Ashcroft to upgrade the gearbox I think.
    Continuing upgrades to my 2003 TD5 Some parts on back order or under the dining room table. The list is so far new brakes, braided brake lines, upgraded pads and discs to terrafirma, new hubs, callipers and hub carriers. An upgraded VGT from Allisport along with upgraded intercooler, new radiator and upgraded electric fan, all new silicone cooling / water and turbo pipes. and a Ceramic coated exhaust manifold.
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