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  • Hi ya Steve

    Very easy to fit BX seats into a Def, all you need is 4 bits of 25mm wide flat plate the lengh of the 4 sliding runners that you bolt to the bottom of your BX seats, then bolt the plate whilst on seat into def.

    Make sense?

    Hi Jason,
    I recently saw your picture of your Citroen BX seats in your 110- I'm thinking of doing similar to mine, but was wondering if much modification was required? I'd rather stay away from welding up brackets if poss.

    Any thoughts much appreciated.
    Hi Jason, I've a mate that will source one and drive it over for you on UK dealer insurance, he is a LR mechanic/ Mot tester and always has a few for sale or can get hold of them. He bought and delivered my 200tdi 90 for me last October.
    Giv me a ring on 0549 22 44 27. Cheers roger. (countryland)
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