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  • Its jolly good thank you...beautiful ladies, cheap beer and lots of money!! Lol...
    Well met!

    I'm work in construction mate, but of late I've had hardly any work.

    Both my computers have crashed and I've spent the past 5 days fixing them!

    Where are you based?
    Would be good to get out there with you and have a blast! :D
    HA HA I LIKES THAT my missis sez who would want to be friends wiv you! cheeky mare, she sez its cos im crackers ffs,,,what you do for a living mate ,im retired mesel a bit early but it couldn,t be helped lol,its the best thing ever happened,to think i could still be driving round the country in a 200 ton mobile crane,living in digs thinking about all the work to do on my motors or out with the dog and gun,going to the pub on me way home via the chinese,or at work ,,,errrrno contest ffs
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