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  • Hey Bump - Please excuse me for the direct contact however I was reading an earlier post where you mentioned Front Runner roof racks were extremely good. I'm looking to purchase one for my 110 and wondered if you were still aware of any discounted prices ? Thanks for your time and kind regards. Scott
    Hi Bump,

    Hope you don't mind me contacting you but have been trawling the web to try to find out the benefits in kind on a 110 utility wagon and came across your post on this forum. Very helpful and many thanks for collating the info. It is such a grey area! I wonder if you have a copy of the letter that you received from Land Rover stating the Ute's commercial basis?

    Any further info and help would be very much appreciated, kind regards,

    Hi Bump,

    Saw on on of the threads you were talking about the mount you've got for your stereo - if I pm you my email address would you mind sending a couple of pics... Looking for inspriation!


    Ah well fingers crossed then, only heard of one D3 going on a trip like this - it was put on the back of a lorry in Western Sahara with the couple still in the car and taken to Ceuta and then shipped to Spain. Not sure what was wrong. Love to take my 56 plate Range Rover but don't trust the electronics so purchased a tdi 110 specially for these trips. Oh dear me being negative again.
    hi bump thought you might be interested in a map and compass event i,m doing 13 to 15th july its posted on landywatch
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