Wiring loom for steering wheel adjuster

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Would anyone happen to have any idea of the wiring diagram / pinouts for the motorised steering column adjuster?

The one in my 2003 vogue has been toasted (literally - in a seat fire!) and I've always known that I'd get around to replacing it and the associated burnt/warped trim (might just get a 'new' steering wheel as well and be done with it) one day but I need to activate the motors - now - to extend it out to be able to get the steering sensor out as the runners are fully in and blocking access to the bolts to replace it. No, it won't move so I'm expecting to find either the loom itself has been fried when I get the cowling off (waiting on a long torx driver to arrive!) and needs repairing or it's just the contacts in the switch fried. Either way, I is stuck.

Also.... It's in another thread about the jaunty angle of the steering wheel when driving straight. I'd first thought this was the steering rods needed adjusting (have yet to look properly as replacing sensor first..) but I'm now wondering if a PO has just dicked about trying to put right fire damage and literally just not aligned the steering wheel at zero. If I just put it back on at a different notch, will anything bad happen?!
not sure but may help


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