What money should I be asking?

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Following on from my post about where I should advertise my Landy (thanks for everyone’s input into that), I’m looking for people’s opinions on what you think I should be asking for it.
I’ve tried to detail it in sections but there was an awful lot to cover so please try and stay awake and read through it.
I’ve added a couple of pics (they’re not quite up to date with the latest spec).
Would welcome your thoughts please. Thanks in advance.


1985 90 Truck Cab 125,000 miles
A full strip-down and a true nut & bolt rebuild commenced in 2013 over a five year period. Completed in 2018.
Since then it has seen light use in my care; all road miles, no off-road.
The rebuild was approached with a mind set of quality and to build the best Landy I could. It became an obsession.
I have broken this advert down into sections to try and cover as much detail as possible, so here goes:

Engine - 300 TDi with new cylinder head & valve train (previous head was found to be cracked on one valve guide)
Turner Engineering - new timing belt / water pump / P-gasket / head gasket
Gearbox & Transfer box - fully reconditioned / new HD clutch / new slave & master cylinders
Slickshift fitted
Rakeway HD Clutch Release Bearing
Suspension - Terrafirma shocks/springs front/rear with 2” lift
Heavy Duty tubular Shock towers / new bump stops
Superpro poly bush kit
Brakes - New discs / pads all round (Discovery rear axle) / new brake master cylinder
Adventure 4x4 Front vented brake calipers & discs / extended braided brake pipes / new brake lines throughout / new rear brake calipers / new rear discs
Cooling - 300TDi new radiator & uprated intercooler / Revotec fan / Haydn Low coolant alarm
Intake - Disco air box linked to Southdown Snorkel air intake
Breathers - 5-way manifold
New Bearmach fuel tank
New Replacement Swivel Balls (Teflon coated)
Heavy Duty Steering Bar set
Terrafirma Return to Centre Steering Damper
Bulldog Wheel Spacers
Heater box rebuilt with upgraded Foundry 4x4 heater blower motor
Defender 90 Decat sports exhaust system
Gwyn Lewis 4x4 Heavy Duty Propshafts
Gwyn Lewis 4x4 Heavy Duty Rear Trailing Arms

Goodwinch TDS 9.5i winch Bridge model & Bowrope
Goodwinch front winch bumper incorporating LED DRL’s / Warn Shackles
Factor 55 - E-Link, Alum Hawse 1.5”
Protection & Performance 3” Cosmetic Roll Hoop
SP 4x4 New doors
Fully rebuilt rear tub with YRM aluminium cross-spars
Tree sliders
Blacksheep 6mm thick fabricated rear cross-member / chassis arm plates
Heavy Duty galvanized diff guards
Foundry 4x4 Sump/Steering Guard
Defender Flexi Arches +2 inch
Heavy Duty Defender 90 Bumperettes corner protectors
Gwyn Lewis Rear cross member mud shields / Front outrigger mud shields / Front of rear wheel mud shields
YRM Stainless Steel Tailgate Thresh
YRM Stainless Steel Tailgate bracketry
New Truck Cab 1 piece centre glass (tinted)
Southdown Snorkel
Gwyn Lewis 4x4 Front Mudshields
Optimill Fuel Cap
Optimill Door Hinges
Hornblasters Conductors Special 232 Train Horn
Compressor on board for Train Horn with external outlet for tyre inflation etc
Barebox storage boxes - 3 in rear tub
Heavy duty aluminium chequer plate storage box with lockable hinged lid (contains all winch equipment plus other tools / jump leads / tow bar etc
Extreme 4x4 Spare Wheel Carrier
Factor 55 2” Hitch link, pin & shackles etc
4x4 Overlander 2” Receiver
Warn 5000lb shackle x 3 off
Side mounted Jerry Can with bespoke holder (powder coated)
Side windows tinted
Rear cab quarter-light windows tinted
Snow cowl
Chequer Plate (black) on front wings / bonnet
Wild Bear SS Front Grill
Wild Bear Front Light Guards
Light guards for rear lighting
Wolf XD Style Air Intake moulding
Paint finish - Raptor Bed Liner in Black

Autosparks replacement full vehicle wiring looms installed by a professional auto-electrician
Split charge system
100Amp Alternator
2 x C-Tek quick connects mounted to seat box
Anderson connector mounted to seat box
Durite instruments/gauges throughout
Reversing Camera
Heated windscreen
MUD Heated Mirror Kit
CB Radio
GPS Speedo (separate to oem Speedo)
All electrical work on the vehicle including installation of additional instruments, accessories and wiring carried out by the same auto-electrician.
All wiring professionally soldered, heat-shrunk and spiral wrapped.
Lifetime warranty on all electrical installation work carried out.

Bolt on Bits LED sidelights / indicators / brake lights
Wing mounted side indicators
Evo 2 DRL headlamp kit
LED Roofbar
Lazer Lamps- front bumper mounted
Lazer Lamps Rear mounted Utility lights x 2

Raptor Engineering - Dash - binnacle, console & mount
Raptor Engineering - Fuse Box Cover/Defender Trim Panel
Raptor Engineering - Dash pod & Cubby Box
Raptor Engineering - Glovebox
Raptor Engineering - Console dash replacement top panel
Leather trimmed dash and (new) leather trimmed door cards
YRM Metal Solutions - complete seat box assembly
YRM Stainless Steel Door thresh
YRM Stainless Steel Kick Plates
YRM Floor Panels
Replacement headliner
Exmoor Trim - New seats, carpet set, seat risers, door handles, seat belts, seat heaters/lumbar adjustment
MUD Roof Console including LED interior light
Dash cam - front & rear
MUD Defender Heritage Gear Shifter Knobs x 2
Momo Prototipo Heritage Black Spoke Steering Wheel
RAM Mount platforms on dash with RAM Tough Claws
Map reading flexible LED light
4 x USB outlets
2 x 12V outlets
Durite gauges for split charge system / coolant temp / oil temp / oil pressure / clock

Cobra Alarm/Immobiliser
Skytag Tracker
Foundry 4x4 X Eng Defender Pedal Lock
Optimill Quick release steering wheel
Optimill Steering Boss
Optimill Swivel Lock docking station
Hamshaw888 Door Locking Tree Sliders
Floor safe
TMD Tuning Billet Security bonnet hinges
Door Hinge Guards
Milspec window guards - front doors / cab rear windows
Overlander 4x4 Defender Spare Wheel Protector

Stainless Steel fasteners used where possible
All cab panels / doors / roof / bulkhead / bonnet soundproofed with Silentcoat
Goodwinch Winching Accessory kit & soft shackles
Underbody and chassis treated with Dinitrol products every year, applied with compressor
Corroless primer paint applied as a base coat to all steel mechanical items as well as the chassis during the rebuild.

The vehicle needs to be viewed to take in all the detail as there is too much to list here.
I have over 2000 photos of the strip down/rebuild so pretty much every stage is recorded.
I am dead proud of my Landy and the achievement it represents (there is a story behind this).
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It's a lovely looking truck BUT the "look" is aimed at off roaders/greenlaning and most of them seem to have moved onto cheap disposable D2s.
You obviously love it and spent a lot of money on it will be priced to high for a hack.
Going to be hard to gauge a price.
Stick it on Ebay auction ( with reserve) see where it gets you. Be ready for some stupid questions from time wasting pond life though.
Was it built on a new chassis?
Not a fan of raptor paint as a body paint.
But will say it looks nice.

But as above “what somebody will pay” start high see how it goes.
What did you think your starting price would be?

No idea what you are hoping for, but £10-15k would be realistic but the Raptor will have devalued it considerably. The problem at the moment is that most of the people with that kind of money don't want an off roader. Also as much as it looks like an offroader, it's clearly too nice to actually take off roading!
Agree.. you can buy a 3 k defender and spend 30 k on it and you wont have a 33k defender. Its a given you will NEVER make your money back on it, which is fine as you have built it for your needs/likes etc.

Stick it on eBay and keep the address well hidden...and you will get what its worth...Difficult to sell though as you will get lots of thievers and tyre kickers so you need somwhere you can take them to view which is either not where you store it or like fort knox.
Stick it on eBay and keep the address well hidden...and you will get what its worth..
Or you will find out what it is worth and not sell it. I like watching the vehicles trying to be sold that get put up as a classified a couple of times and dont sell, then an auction that doesn't sell and reaches half the classified price a couple of time, and then disappear. The auctions tend to reach about the same price each time indicating that is what the vehicle is worth but it is significantly lower than the asking price. It is not just land rovers either, i monitor land rover, and MGA as they are what I have, and healey's as they are what I want and it is the same with all of them!
Thanks for all your replies - really appreciate it.
So, I’m not going to get my money back which was a given but based on your estimates, I can’t afford to sell it at those sort of prices. I am prepared to keep it but only if I can find some dry storage somewhere that isn’t going to charge the earth.

Any suggestions for storage in Gloucestershire are welcome!
Dry storage isn't cheap, well, not round here anyway. Son was paying around £15 per week for outside storage, for the S2a, when he lost the free storage at my parents.
He had to sell in the end as the bills didn't stack up.
Prices have fallen generally for Land Rovers round here. There's a lovely TDCi 110 XS Utility for sale locally at £21,000
Last year that would have been in the high 20's.
The problem is the LEZ. In Sheffield it would cost you £10 every time you took it off your drive.
There's one in Leeds as well.
And the Manchester LEZ is still being discussed.
Dry storage isn't cheap, well, not round here anyway. Son was paying around £15 per week for outside storage, for the S2a, when he lost the free storage at my parents.
He had to sell in the end as the bills didn't stack up.
Storage at all is not cheap. that is how I have justified leasing the field I now have, the cost to store the two things in it elsewhere means that after three months the field has paid for itself and the other 9 months I have a free storage and field to run the dog around in.
Put it on Ebay as an auction with a reserve (the lowest you'll take for it) and see what happens.

You never know, there may be someone who wants one like this and it will sell.

If not, you've lost nothing except Ebay's listing fee.