What is the correct way to bleed a series 3 clutch?

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I am having trouble with the clutch on my series 3; the clutch peddle goes to the floor on first push but then only goes halfway thereafter, unless I bring it to the top for a couple of seconds I can then push it all the way to the floor again.

I thought that I had correctly bled the clutch but perhaps not.
Please correct me if I am wrong:
  • Glass coffee jar on the floor with one end of the hose submerged in brake fluid and the other end attached to the nipple of the slave cylinder.
  • With the nipple backed off 1/4 turn, I fill the reservoir at the master cylinder and tighten the lid.
  • Pump the clutch peddle until almost at the floor, hold it there for 2 seconds and allow peddle to return to the top before repeating the process three times.
  • On the third push of the peddle I hold it down until the bleed nipple is tightened up.
On the third push of the peddle I hold it down until the bleed nipple is tightened up.
Best way is to keep repeating this step (needs 2 people) until no more air bubble come out.
Pumping by yourself can work however if you have a non return valve on the end of your hose, but air can get sucked in past the bleed nipple threads. It will take more than 3 pumps to bleed it!
If on ones own best use gravity. Ensure reservoir is full, open bleed nipple, next may or not be needed couple of short pumps to start fluid off. See level in res going down and top up. Check flow from bleed nipple clear of bubbles. This can take a few min's but no chance of sucking air back in.
TIP. New masters and slave cylinders can be rather stiff due to protective coating for storage [probably reason for your slow return] so get some fluid through before fitting.
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