What have you done to your Freelander today

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Today I got fed up of my land rover and kick the drivers door because it ****ed me off.

Now the window won't go down...

lesson learned next time kick it harder so the frame falls out and I can scrap it :mad:

I Jest, I did blow it up though :) got quite a lot of smoke coming from the intake... Oopsie there goes another 1.8 petrol head gasket... ugh...
OWUT? I’m sure it’s obvious when you know…
Have a read of these two threads...
… that said, I just got back from McDonalds. There was a nice tricked-out 2 in there on a 61 plate.
Lifted with BFG tyres, nice dark grey. Few stickers and a checker plate on the bonnet. Looked quite good actually… just off-roadie enough without being silly.
I admit, I was a little jealous.

… but then my burgers came and I buggered off home with the dog.
I thought there'd be a little more excitement over the idea of that Freelander becoming available ;)

And.. well, look at it!