P38A Turbo rebuild - Recommendations

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Hemel Hempsted
Hi all, the oil getting into the air system has reached a point where I cannot ignore it anymore. I have a spare turbo but that also has play and shows oil ingress. Given the age of this model I am assuming that all turbos are now worn so do not want to risk getting another used turbo.

Can anyone recommend a turbo rebuild service?
Don't forget the engine breather is passing an oil film and the turbo will weep oil. There is always a trace of oil in the inlet piing and manifold. If it's consuming/losing oil at a vast rate then remove the turbo inlet pipe and check for any end float or excessive side to side play in the turbo axle. 👍
Mine will lose a litre of oil between every 6k service..
I seem to recall a member on here getting a replacement cartridge for not a bad price. Easy to do. @brianp38dse might remember who it was.
@Slooby rebuilt his with a kit from here https://www.turborebuild.co.uk/webs...urbocharger-Bearings-and-Seals-Flat-Back.html

its in this thread and remember one of the nuts is left hand thread.