Tdv6 disco

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Chris 83500 in the engine section who has disco probs any ideas

Hello, Hello

I'm in the garage

The 4x4 is put in mountain mode by itself how to remove this mode

Because the mountain light lights up and it is impossible to remove it and the light with the red triangle.

The garage doesn't know how to do it

Thank you again for your answers


@Chris 83500
Did see that but alas a lot more to it after having his clutch replaced

wonder if the XYZ switch needs calibrating ??

would first get decent diagnostics onto it to see what’s going on

ref Mountain light that’s next to the HDC is low range , so need to ensure the terrian dial is in normal and high range is selected
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Lot of cross posting going on here.
I am translating my butt off in the other thread only to find the same stuff on here!

hi mate

Sorry my friend , will only post on the other thread for u to save u having to translate

wonder if blue beasty can move the other thread from the engine TDV6 section over to the discovery section

hope u didnt me asking @blue beasty plse , many thks