Tdci engine power issue

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james smettem

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Hi all, I have a 2008 2.4 defender. It has an intermittent power loss issue. The local defender specialists have replaced injectors, the turbo actuator and a number of other things but this has not sorted it. Once I stop and restart the engine it is reset again. It seems to happen quite randomly!! It ends up really gutless on the hills.
Almost certainly an underboost situation. Check all hoses between the turbo and the engine intake. The section between the turbo and intercooler is a weak point and prone to splits. Take the fan cowl off at the front of the engine, take the front grille off, and check the intercooler - the plastic end boxes split away from the alloy core. Splits in the hoses and splits in the intercooler can be ok until a certain boost is reached, then the split opens up and releases pressure. The engine then goes into limp mode, but will re-set on restart like what you are experiencing. If you have access to a code reader, you will probably find a fault code to confirm the cause.
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i had this it was egr valve i unplugged it and it ran great i orderd a new one but when looking at the job i thought twice so ive plugged into new valve and cable tied it up engine light goes out and landy runs great and improved fuel consumption been like it for two months now and passed mot