Freelander 1 Tailgate door

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Hi all, left the car for a couple of days then needed it to move some stuff, guess what - the tailgate door will not open. Use the handle & the window drops as normal but the door doesn’t open, there is a slight sound like it’s trying to do something. The window operates normally from the inside switch & closes when using the key in the tailgate handle. After the window has dropped if I bang the handle the window goes back up. Boot light works fine too. Sure I need to remove the tailgate door card with the door shut but not sure how - seen many posts but nothing clear. Any help much appreciated
I would try again with engine running, extra voltage may get it open. Push the door inwards to relieve any pressure on the latch before trying to open. Else it a case of getting door card off which is on here somewhere.
I had the same issue.If you get in the boot and use a tool to lift the corner of the door card clear of the lip you can remove the whole thing by sliding your finger under the top of the card.To open the door i used another battery and used it to feed power to the actuator terminals (purple and black wires) and then got someone to open the door from the outside.Worked perfectly for me.Hope this helps
Thanks everyone for your help - I got the door card off & managed to open the door by lifting the plastic off the lock actuator & using my finger to manually operate the latch, changed out the actuator & all good for now. Must have happened before as only one screw holding the door card on 👍